Ctrl key Pendrive: What to do with a broken Keyboard

14 07 2010

This morning I was trying to tidy up my workbench when I found an old PS2 keyboard that I was keeping for disassembly. After removing some screws I realized that, as usual, the electronics of the keyboard were substituted by a black blob of epoxi, so few things apart from some connectors and some meters of AWG26 cable could be savaged.

But then I remembered that I had a tiny USB broken pendrive with a metal enclosure. I opened it and found that the only problem with it was that the crystal was desoldered, something quite easy to fix.

After that, the only remaining thing to do was to find a new enclosure for the pendrive, so I took a Ctrl key from the keyboard, hollowed it and cut it in a shape that could allow the “naked” pendrive to fit in it. In the bottom part it is covered with a piece of plastic from a VHS tape box.

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