Ard_O_Scope: An Extremely Simple Voltage Visualizer (oscilloscope) for Arduino

12 07 2010

While I was investigating some noise-filtering and smoothing algorithms for analogRead in Arduino, I realized that I needed some way to test the influence of some parameters over a certain signal. I usually do this just by sending the reading of a potentiometer through the serial port of the Arduino and see how these number changed while sweeping my potentiometer.

But this is not a very graphical way to see a signal, so I wanted something similar to an oscilloscope, to to see the data I was pushing through the serial port in a comfortable way. So with only some lines of code I have created a nice arduino voltage visualizer, in the Old School way: It just prints to the Arduino serial console a real time bar chart with the readings of your input, with a refresh frequency of about 350 samples per second (When using 115200 bauds). No comparison with an oscilloscope, but useful when measuring inputs from potentiometers or LDRs…

Watch it in action after the break!

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